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Divine Mas. I- This mysteriously alluring blend is difficult to describe. With warming familiar notes of teakwood, sandalwood incense, bay rum and dollop of eucalyptus. A dark fiercely masculine musk type of fragrance.

Divine Fem I- The exotic blend of rose petals and freshly cut jasmine flowers.

Divine Fem II- The exotic blend of rose petals, freshly cut jasmine flowers and midnight vanilla.

Calm and Collected - This scent is packed with eucalyptus leaves with hints of mint. This fragrance is soothing and comforting…like a HUG! High essential oil content which allows the impact to be stronger and more authentic.

Coffee House-Coffee, that’s it. No sugar, No cream... Our freshly brewed coffee scent has the amazing fragrance notes of roasted coffee beans without the chocolate notes.

Café Latte- A rich aroma of a perfectly brewed, silky French Vanilla latte with a touch of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, and a whipped cream swirl.

Mmmm Sunshine-(Citronella)A natural insect repellent, infused with top notes of fresh lemon peel and Brazilian orange, mid-notes of eucalyptus and smooth powdery undertones.

Honey My Mango/When Honey Met Mango-  A fresh deep country honeysuckle, and tropical mango blend. Sweet and satisfying.

Lavender Baby- Relaxing aroma of lavender flowers and baby powder.

Plum Peachy- The aroma of a juicy fresh ripened peaches and plums right from the tree.

Raspberry Lemonade- An extraordinarily fresh raspberry jam scent, with notes of zesty lemon and sugar cane.